October 21, 2015

Student Housing Internet Delivery Design Best Practice: Wiring Units for Internet Delivery

Using the correct wiring design for purpose built student housing is a crucial part of delivering an outstanding wired and wireless experience to student housing residents, and can be cost effective too.

By Andrew Marshall, Campus Technologies Inc, October 2015

The best practice for wiring a student housing apartment is not necessarily the obvious one, but when all the components of the system are taken into account it will definitely be the most reliable and the most cost effective solution.

Although most residents connect to the property network wirelessly, the wireless connectivity can only be as good as the wired infrastructure that carries the network to each wireless access point. Adopting best practices for wiring will provide a solid foundation for delivering an excellent user experience (UX) for residents.


Figure 1 – the In-unit media panel, or ‘Multifamily’ model

If you’re designing or building a new student housing property, or doing a major renovation, the chances are you may have a design that looks like figure 1 above. This is a traditional MDU design, and it is based on a set of criteria that are important to multifamily.