January 20, 2015

NEW STANDARD IN STUDENT HOUSING INTERNET ACCESS - Campus Technologies Inc designs and builds a next generation Student Housing wired and wireless network for Newman Development in NY

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January 20, 2015                   


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Campus Technologies Inc designs and builds a next generation Student Housing wired and wireless network for Newman Development in NY

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Campus Technologies Inc, a leading managed network provider and system architect of high capacity resident wired and wireless Internet Access networks in residential student accommodation, today announces the start of its first network build out for 2015, setting a new benchmark for Student Housing networks.
Andrew Marshall, CEO of Campus Technologies Inc, says "In 2015, Student Housing networks are facing many new challenges. Bandwidth is always an issue, but having enough Wi-Fi capacity today and in the future is also a key to success"

"With student residents each having up to ten Wi-Fi devices, traditional Wi-Fi network deployments simply cannot cope" he continued. "We have increased the density (the number of access points) dramatically compared to two or three years ago. It's also vital to implement extensive management tools for those access points to guard against coverage and interference challenges and maintain up time".

The network is the first phase of a network deployment for the Newman Development Group at their UP at Metroplex property in Vestal NY. The 715 bed, 186 unit property will now have a state of the art wired and wireless network, going live on January 15th 2015.

The network consists of commercial grade Motorola Solutions Access Points and Juniper

switch hardware, with a multi-Gigabit fiber connection to the public Internet.

The wireless access points installed at UP at Metroplex are commercial grade Motorola Solutions AP-7502's operating on the new 802.11ac standard, which has a much higher throughput than its predecessors.

"More Internet based video streaming, and new formats such as 4K TV's and media players also means more capacity is needed in the access and core Ethernet switches, which led us to use Juniper switches for this project. These robust switches will give us much greater flexibility to adapt to ongoing challenges without having to re-tool and re-invest" said Marshall.

The network as designed can accommodate 10 Gigabits of Internet at the network edge without any hardware changes or upgrades.

As well as designing and installing the network, Campus Technologies Inc will operate and manage it on an ongoing basis. "Managing a network is as crucial to success as designing it" says Marshall. "We'll monitor every component on that property 24/7 to make sure that we keep network availability and reliability as high as possible"

He concluded "The bar for networks in Student Housing communities just keeps getting higher. Residents demand Internet as an amenity, and they'll move if you don't get it right."

Campus Technologies Inc is a leading North American technology provider to on and off campus collegiate housing. Established in 2001 it has maintained a dedicated focus on the technology needs of student residents and the owners and operators of Student Housing communities. More at www.campustechnologies.com

Newman Development Group is a premium quality diversified real estate company with over 40 years of successful operations. With offices in New York, Pennsylvania and California, NDG has emerged as a national leader in real estate development.  More at www.newmandevelopment.com
To find out more about the Campus Technologies Inc, visit www.campustechnologies.com